hawaii paranormal convention


July 13th - 15th, 2018


the first of its kind

Hawaii ParaCon 2018

Hawaii ParaCon is the first major convention in Hawaii that seeks to share, explore and expand the knowledge and perception of what is considered “paranormal.” Our intent is to gather, in one place, a variety of people from near and far to discuss and share their take on the phenomena that falls beyond the physical senses. We won’t try to convince you that ghosts, gods and creatures of the night are real but we hope to broaden your perspective when it comes to things outside your own “normal.”


Schedule of Events

Special ParaCon Guests 

Hawaii ParaCon 2018 is excited to bring you a variety of experts from the paranormal and the Hawaiian community. Meet a few of them by clicking their links below.  


*Speakers are subject to change




We are honored to host some of the most interesting and innovative participants to come out of Hawai'i and the Mainland U.S. Below are just a few of the topics that will be at our 2018 show.  


Ghosts & ghost hunting

Listen to discussions about ghosts, ask questions directly of the experts. Learn ghost hunting techniques and mistakes!

Hauntings & paranormal activity

What is a haunting? Learn to look for and often find the root cause of anomalies.

legends & facts

Learn how to separate fact from urban legend. Listen to local Hawaiian experts discuss the how Hawaiian legends differ from those of other cultures.


spirituality & native healing arts

Experience Hawaiian Lomilomi (massage) and Japanese Reiki and how spirituality affects your healing.




Honolulu, Hawaii


The Hawaiian Islands are steeped in a rich, ancient culture that has been kept alive through the traditions of her people. In the Hawaiian language, there is no word for “supernatural.” For the Hawaiian people, communicating with “the other side” was a natural and daily occurrence.  The people were in touch with all forms of nature and understood the balance between themselves and their surroundings. They depended on their kupuna, their ancestors, for guidance. They sought knowledge from their highest priests, the kahuna. From the well-known legends of Pele, Maui and Kamapua‘a to the lesser known tales of mo‘o, e‘epa and kupua, the word “paranormal” didn’t exist simply because, in their world, this was normal.


There is no place on earth like Hawaii. Whether you’ve been here a dozen times or this will be your first, we invite you to come and discover a Hawaii that is rarely seen beyond our ocean.

Pae ka leo i ke kai maʻō loa aku i nā wahi kēwā hele mai, a hui pū me mākou i Hawaiʻi.
— The voice of the sea is carried far away to places inhabited by spirits, come join us in Hawai'i.