Hawaii ParaCon
Hawaii ParaCon
Hawaii's First Paranormal Convention

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Hawaii ParaCon


Hawaii's First Paranormal Convention returns to Honolulu in 2019!

~ Mark the date:  July 19-21 ~

Tickets go on sale in January 2019!




a unique experience

In a setting as unique as the event itself, Hawaii ParaCon is the first major convention in Hawaii that seeks to share, explore, and expand the knowledge and perception of what is considered “paranormal.” At Hawaii ParaCon, we approach the subject from a cultural aspect, how Native Hawaiians, Asians and other indigenous cultures acknowledge, understand, and share their take on the phenomena that fall beyond the physical senses. We won’t try to convince you that ghosts, gods, and creatures of the night are real but we hope to broaden your perspective when it comes to things outside your own “normal.”  


Come visit. You'll see.


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