About hawaii paracon


Since Kamehameha I decided that ‘O‘ahu would be the seat of his power, it has become a gathering place for travelers from all over the world.  However, before becoming a world-class destination, the island was steeped in oral traditions of shape shifting beings in the upland forests of Nu‘uanu, or waterfalls which were inhabited by a translucent force which dragged young men into its dark depths in order to suck the spiritual life out of them.  Kamehameha himself found it necessary to appease the very gods themselves in order to secure victory in his campaign to bring the Hawaiian archipelago under one rule.  Even long before Kamehameha’s time, there was an influx of people who found these islands in the middle of the ocean and made it their home.

Our goal for Hawaii ParaCon is to bring together a variety of people from near and far to discuss and share their take on the phenomena that fall beyond the physical senses. The difference between us and other paranormal conventions is that we here in Hawai'i approach the subject from a Hawaiian cultural aspect as well as from the perspective of other indigenous and Asian cultures in the islands and abroad. We do not seek to discount or ignore modern technological advances, we are going back to our roots and exploring what our ancestors knew before us.


What makes Hawaii’s paranormal scene unique?

There is no place on earth like Hawaii. Whether you’ve been here a dozen times or this will be your first, we invite you to come and discover a Hawaii that is rarely seen beyond our ocean.


There is a feeling here, an undercurrent of energy.  From near and far, people find their way to Hawai‘i to rest, relax, re-energize.  They come here to heal or to be reborn. Perhaps it’s because Hawai‘i is said to be at the center of a series of leylines that have created powerful vortices that draw people to the island.  Maybe it’s simply the moderate climate and beautiful scenery.  It just might be the mana of the islands themselves that cause wanderers to yearn for the sandy shores of this island paradise.  

it's the feeling.



The Hawaiian Islands are steeped in a rich, ancient culture that has been kept alive through the traditions of her people.  In the ancient Hawaiian language, there was no word for “supernatural.”  For the Hawaiian people, communicating with “the other side” was a natural and daily occurrence.  The people were in touch with all forms of nature and understood the balance between themselves and their surroundings.  They depended on their kupuna, their ancestors, for guidance. They sought knowledge from their highest priests, the kahuna.  From the well-known legends of Pele, Maui and Kamapua‘a to the lesser known tales of mo‘o, e‘epa and kupua, the word “paranormal” didn’t exist simply because, in their world, this was normal. 

it's the spirituality.



But Hawaiian deities and spirits aren’t the only things residing in this island paradise. Here is also where the Japanese dog demon, the inu-gami, are sent to ruin the lives of unsuspecting families. Here is where the Filipino vampire-like creature, the aswang, roams in search of her next victim. And here is where the Portuguese witch, the feiteceira, spins her spells and curses at her whim. Immigrants from Asia, Europe and the mainland USA brought with them their own religions, beliefs, gods and superstitions to this melting pot in the middle of the Pacific creating a fusion of multicultural spirituality.

it's the culture.



Join us here, in this unique paranormal paradise and feel it for yourself!