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Hawaii ParaCon, Loyd Auerbach - PK and Spoonbending

Help renowned parapsychologist & "ghostbuster," Loyd Auerbach, create a fun setting for people to do PK (psychokenesis) – in this case, bending spoons, forks, and other things with your bare minds. This has been incredibly successful and these PK Parties have happened all over the world. Come join us in yelling “bend” at utensils (there is a bit of stuff leading up to that, of course) and watch the metal do what you tell it. If you are going to bring your own spoons, be sure to get metal utensils, preferably not really heavy (though we’ll have some of those as well). Cheap utensils can be found at dollar stores, Walmart, Target, etc., or go to your local thrift shop (which is where I often find a bunch).

$40 per person

Click the link below to book your spot.

7/21 - 11:30am